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My Students

Did you know that I have taught students from over 30 countries worldwide?

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, China, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam... 



From my very first lesson with Judita, I felt confident in her abilities as a Lithuanian teacher. After months of self-study with very little results, I booked some private lessons, and made very noticable progress after just two lessons with her. Over the last year I have made huge progress thanks to her lessons and teaching style. I always look forward to lessons with her, and she really helped me to break down the daunting aspects of Lithuanian grammar and have fun with the language instead of stressing out about mistakes. Thank you!


Natalija Antipova.jpg

I started learning Lithuanian from zero. After seven months, I even learned enough to start working in a Lithuanian company. The courses were taught in an easy manner and the texts were chosen according to my needs and interests. I highly recommend Judita to everyone!

Nataliya Antipova, UKRAINE

My name is Raymond. I live in Norway and I have been studying Lithuanian language with Judita via Skype for 7 years since 2013. My wife is from Lithuania and we are often visiting her family during holidays and vacations. Ability to understand the discussions in Lithuanian has been my main motivation to start learning the language. In addition the language is a big part of the culture and it has been exiting to learn more about it as well.


We have our classes two times a week. One third of the class is listening and speaking; one third is checking the homework and one third is new material. I have primarily focused on speaking, understanding and we therefore adjusted the time use to spend more time on that.  


There are three things I value most. First of all, it is the fact that Judita is able to explain difficult things in a simpler, understandable manner. Secondly, during our classes we discuss a number of different topics, which are relevant and interesting, make me learn new things about Lithuanian history and culture. Lastly, it is the flexibility in sometimes changing the timing/day of our classes. Having work on the side this flexibility is often needed and very valuable.   


I feel much more confident in expressing myself in Lithuanian. By now, I am able to understand most of the conversations around me. I have also started getting more compliments about my language skills.


Raymond Kotov, NORWAY

Lithuanian has to be one of the hardest languages to learn but Judita has a warm and engaging teaching style that makes me look forward to Skype calls. Her materials are first rate and the quality of teaching has expanded my vocabulary and grammar tenfold. The ability to speak with a native Lithuanian with years of teaching experience for a fraction of the cost of face to face lessons is brilliant. I can't recommend her enough. Ačiū, Judita. 



I have been taking lesson with Judita for a couple months now and I love it. Since I am abroad, we do our lessons through Skype which has never been an issue. Personal attention to my learning patterns really makes all the difference, especially when it comes to learning a second language.
Judita has always been very attentive to my needs and always makes sure I understand new knowledge. The book she has written which we use during our lessons is incredibly well done with all sorts of exercises which help practice many different components of language.
She is experienced and also incredibly friendly! Lithuanian is a beautiful and complex language and I would recommend Judita to anyone who wants to learn it. She is by far an amazing tutor.


Eva Portelance, CANADA


My teacher Judita is excellent. She is very patient and adjusts our learning to our individual needs. She makes the lesson fun and makes me talk a lot which is what I need when I am not otherwise immersed in the language. She is very creative and gives me lots of variety in the lesson from speaking, written, audio, presentations, etc.

I think the teacher is very experienced and well-qualified and do not waste a minute. All aspects are covered, ie listening, speaking, writing, etc. I really enjoy the structured nature of the courses. The goals of each session and the homework and revision mean I feel like I am making real progress.

Carlos Viskaweich, SPAIN

Ashley1-web (1).jpg

I have very much enjoyed learning Lithuanian with Judita. Her approach is truly individual; she moulds her teaching approach to the needs of the student, rather than ploughing on through a defined course. This is particularly valuable to students for whom Lithuanian is not their first foreign language.”


Vladas Proscevicius.jpg

Thanks to Judita's  lessons, I made, in my opinion, serious progress in Lithuanian in a very short time. I not only passed successfully the exams for the third category of proficiency in the state language, but I was able to participate in the Lithuanian Culture Institute translation program.

Judita is not only a fine philologist, but  an open-minded  and  benevolent person  —  it's a great pleasure to talk with her, and this is the most important point when dealing with languages!

Assoc. Prof. Vladyslav Prostsevichus, UKRAINE

Sveiki, mokiausi su Judita dvejus metus Lietuvių kalbos, buvo nelengva, bet Judita buvo labai gera mokytoja ir dabar galiu laisvai šnekėti lietuviškai.

Hi, I have been studying Lithuanian for two years. At the beginning it was not so easy, however, Judita was a very good teacher and now I can speak Lithuanian fluently.

Hoan Nguyen, VIETNAM


The Skype lessons with Judita where very productive. I could take my lessons early in the morning from home, when it was much more convenient for me and the schedule was very flexible. It was very helpful for me to have private lessons with Judita, she could focus in my exact problems and work to improve faster. We mainly use two of her books "Ponas Tadas" and "Raudonojo Arklio Vasara" together with the MP3 file to listen the text. The books were perfect, not too easy or too difficult and Judita adapted the exercises to my specific level. I think I really learned a lot with her! Ačiu labai!

Adrián Vicent Claramunt, SPAIN

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