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Improve your Lithuanian at any level.

My teaching style is contemporary and fun, to help you improve your confidence.

I think one of the most important factors in communication is confidence and I believe it is my job to help you to build your confidence in Lithuanian conversation.


My lessons are fun and develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, with a focus on contemporary conversation and communication. I can focus lessons on any specific needs that you have or topics that you are interested in. My lessons are always tailored to suit your needs.

Lithuanian for Beginners Course


If you are new to Lithuania, working or studying, or have fallen in love with a Lithuanian partner, this course will help you to start speaking and communicating with native Lithuanian speakers in social and everyday situations.


Topics covered include: basic vocabulary and Lithuanian grammar; listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; greetings and introductions; times, dates and numbers; where I live; my family; my day; in a cafe; entertainment and shopping; yesterday and future plans; +plus topics tailored to your communcation needs and interests.

Intermediate Lithuanian Course


Each lesson in this course can cover any or all of the communication skills according to your needs: speaking, listening, reading and writing.​ This course is designed to further improve your Lithuanian by focusing only on learning topics relevant to your life, work, study and social needs. You can improve your vocabulary in your own field of interest eg. medicine, law, science, IT, literature, art, music...


Example topics: writing letters and email, reading a newspaper, understanding TV and films, making appointments, expressing your feelings, job searching and more.

Advanced Lithuanian Course


This course gives you the opportunity to study Lithuanian language and its use in contemporary communication. You will continue to develop your speaking, writing and listening fluency and accuracy. Course focuses on comprehensive skills as well as academic preparation skills, including the fundamentals of essay writing and the development of critical reading, listening and note-taking skills. It aims to encourage a critical response to texts in a range of forms, styles and contexts and to promote skills of communication, reading, research and analysis. You will develop an ability to read and analyse material, gaining further knowledge and understanding of Lithuanian language features and issues, and writing clearly, accurately, creatively and effectively for different purposes and audiences. At advanced level we could work with language idioms, colloquial expressions and some slang. We could also focus on diverse areas of interest such as current issues, cross-cultural concerns, vocabulary expansion, public speaking, pronunciation, advanced reading and writing, and business Lithuanian.

Lithuanian for Children and Teenagers


This is a complete and personalised Lithuanian course for children and teenagers. Children learn best whilst having fun and I enjoy making their lessons enjoyable and engaging. Lessons are available for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each lesson can cover any or all of the Lithuanian skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, depending on the needs of your child. We can also concentrate on any areas that your child is having problems with. Homework is given if you want it.

Lithuanian Conversation Course


Maintain and improve your Lithuanian conversation skills (listening and speaking) as easily as conversing with me over Skype. By practicing your oral expression and understanding, you will find strategies to improve your fluency and feel more at ease speaking Lithuanian. You can express yourself through a variety of authentic materials of your choice, such as articles, magazines, advertisements or through role play. Also practice your listening comprehension with radio previews, songs or video clips. Practice your pronunciation with phonetic exercises.

Academic Lithuanian Studies & Linguistics


As well as improving your skills in academic Lithuanian, you can develop a deeper understanding of how Lithuanian language structure (morphology, syntax, word formation) works. You will also study the principles of Lithuanian grammatical categories such as gender, case, tense, mood and others.

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